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This is where you will find all my favorite recipes and tutorials from simple to advanced. My goal is to help inspire you to get creative in the kitchen while having fun all the while! Baking a cake doesn’t have to be stressful- in this kitchen we’re not afraid to lick the spoon or cover our mishaps in sprinkles!


These sugar cookies are the perfect blend of sweetness and buttery goodness, with just a hint of vanilla. They maintain their shape during baking, making them ideal for holiday cut-outs and decorating!

Sugar Cookies


This cake is the perfect treat on a hot summer day, and would be incredible with a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top! Forget boxed mix and orange jello- this cake recipe is made entirely from scratch, and uses actual orange juice! It packs a ton of flavor, and is incredibly moist and fluffy! […]

Orange Dreamsicle Cake


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